30 Days Wild 2019 – Day 28

This afternoon I took a couple of hours off of work and headed to Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s Lower Moor Farm.  It was a quiet afternoon.  There were few birds flying (apart from a grey heron) and the only birds I saw on the water were a family of mute swans.

I guessed it was just too warm for our avian friends to be putting too much energy into moving around so my attention was drawn to looking at the flowers in bloom.  There were so many to look at; some I know and some which are new to me, like the grass vetchling. 

But of course if you are looking at the flowers you can’t but help look at the insects too 🙂

30 Days Wild 2016 – Part 1

The Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild PackSo June is nearly upon us and that means it’s The Wildlife Trusts ’30 Days Wild’.  As last year, I will be taking part in this year’s event.  A lot of amazing people blog every day about their Wild experiences, I’m going to Tweet (I know I won’t have enough time every day to blog so will do a full post at the end of the month).

If you would like to know more about The Wildlife’s Trust and ’30 Days Wild’ check out their website, each County has their own dedicated page.  The 30 Days Wild app has also just launched.  It features over 100 ‘Random Acts of Wildness’ as inspiration of how to connect to nature this June.

I’m looking forward to following along on Twitter (#30DaysWild) to see what everyone does.  If you would like to follow my wild adventures you can find me at @_HannahBaker 🙂

30 Days Wild 2015

So The Wildlife Trusts asked ‘This June, can you do something wild every day for a month?’ so I signed up and said “Yes!” I was emailed a great information pack with loads of ideas and a wall chart to mark off the days I had completed. I printed this to fit in my notebook so I could plan and record my activities.

This is what happened:
1 – Snail enjoying a rainy day
2 – The art of noticing: Tiny pink flower hidden in the grass
3 – Lovely evening walk around a maize field
4 – Wildflowers, natures little gems: Cow Parsley growing next to the hedgerow on my drive home tonight
5 – A burst of colour in the garden
6 – Bees and beekeeping: Followed this chap today in the garden. I think he’s an early bumble bee
7 – Sat in the garden watching the birds. First Greenfinch I’ve seen here on the feeders
8 – Took a lunchtime walk around the pond
9 – Mixed up food for the birds tonight, should last them a few days!
10 – Oxeye Daisies tonight at Whelford Pools Nature Reserve
11 – Missed a day 🙁
12 – Feeding the neighbours chickens this morning
13 – Sat at the kitchen sink watching the hedgehogs in the garden
14 – Feeding the ducks at the local park
15 – Visit to The Hawk Conservancy Trust
16 – Walked around the field on the lookout for the local badgers, sadly I didn’t see them
17 – Noticing lots of ‘cuckoo-spit’ today
18 – Barley field speckled with poppies
19 – Lunch by the pond at work
20 – Bug hunting in the garden
21 – Missed a day 🙁
22 – Wildlife spotting and recording on the drive home from work
23 – Missed a day 🙁
24 – Wildlife spotting and recording on the drive home from work
25 – Missed a day 🙁
26 – Missed a day 🙁
27 – Ordered Charlie Elder’s ‘Few And Far Between’ to read over the Summer
28 – Watching swallows in the evening sun below amazing clouds
29 – Missed a day 🙁
30 – Watching the sunset in the garden

As you can see I didn’t complete all 30 days. Towards the end of the month my day job got rather busy and I was there more than I was at home!  The days when I didn’t get to do or see anything specific, I did what I always do – fed the birds and watched them from the window as I was getting ready to go to work.  The family of Starlings seem to be increasing by the week, counting 11 young today! Following other peoples #30DaysWild has been a joy seeing what everyone has been doing. I enjoyed spending some time every day in the wild when I was able to and I look forward to continuing.

If you are interesting in incorporating some more wild into your life then check out The Wildlife Trusts website to find your local nature reserves (there are 2,000 across the UK) and follow @wildlifetrusts and their hashtags #MyWildLife and #365DaysWild.