My new patch

One of the problems I had found of late is that before the clocks changed to BST it was still dark when I got home from work! so I’ve been finding it difficult to get out and about as much as I would like.  I have however found a solution; a friend lives in the countryside near where I work, and the land owner has given me permission to wildlife watch in one of the fields 🙂 They often see Roe Deer, hear Tawny Owls and occasionally see Barn Owls; so I am going to start visiting regularly – it will still be light when I get there!

My first visit was last week.  I got there half an hour after I finished work which gave me about an hour to wander.  I could see there were 25 Mute Swans on the other side of the field so headed their way.  They weren’t in the slightest bit concerned about my presence; they just kept on eating the crop – shoots of wheat. 

As I was stood watching them I noticed a Buzzard flying around behind me. I followed it in my binoculars, landing in a tree, I then noticed to the right of it was a nest! Now I don’t yet know if it is the Buzzards nest or it was coincidence but I will most definitely be keeping a close eye to see. 

Although I didn’t really walk much of the field I could see the track that the Roe Deer have left through the crop and could hear plenty of other birds (my bird song skills are not good enough yet to be able to clearly identify species). I’ll be heading back there this week to have another look around.

There are Blue Tits in the nest box!

Okay I admit it, I was late putting up the nest boxes! However it doesn’t seem to have mattered too much!

I put the boxes up on the Sunday afternoon, on the Tuesday I had a message from home saying ‘There are Blue Tits in the nest box!’ by the Saturday they were taking in nesting material 🙂 This has created a lot of interest in the kitchen – the best place to see them from.  I thought they might like a helping hand so have been collecting moss from the grass at work.  The Carrion Crows dig it up looking for leatherjacket larvae I believe and leave it in piles all over the place so I just scoop it up and bring it home!  I had been putting it in a fat ball feeder which they had been happily collecting it from but have now bought a specific holder for nesting material.  They have now been building their nest for nearly 2 weeks.  I wish I had bought a nest box with a camera in it!!