Cheapfest 2012

Cheapfest2012-061Cheapfeat is the annual Birty Darstards event near Stourport-on-Severn. I was very pleased it was a dry and sunny weekend. I have to confess I don’t really like camping much and seeing there are no showers just portaloos, I’m just glad it wasn’t muddy!

I have got much better at offroading, I squeak a lot less while in the jeep getting to the top of the site. I still don’t like it much when it tilts too much to one side or the other. I know it’s not going to tip over, but I can’t help it that my fear comes out as a squeak! It does, however, seem to amuse everyone on the CB!

Cheapfest2012-001The first task is always setting up the punches and then the trials sections. Punches are an orienteering punch attached to a measured length of string, secured to a stake or pole then hammered into the ground. The idea being the driver has to get the passenger wing mirror as close to it as possible for the passenger to punch the card attached to the truck. It’s all done in good fun and punches in more challenging locations on occasion miraculously move from their original starting point 😉 The trials section are a series of gates or markers which the driver has to pass through without touching them, stopping or reversing.

Cheapfest2012-112Some new friends were at this year’s event 🙂 They were very friendly and were quite happy with a scratch on the nose.

Let’s hope next year’s event is just a sunny!