Corsham Church in Winter

After wandering along some country roads, dodging the frozen puddles and stumbling upon a conservation area I never knew existed, headed to Corsham Church to see if there were any wintery scenes worth shooting.


Avebury – standing stone

There are only a few stones left at Avebury now compared to its time of construction.  After doing a little research I have found out the missing stones were either broken up by local Christian authorities in the 14th century as part of their effort to remove vestiges of pagan religious practices, or they were removed and broken up to use in the construction of houses and the cleared area used for crops. Where the stones once stood there are now markers to show where they were positioned. It is rather sad so many were removed.


Bank at Avebury Henge on Christmas morning

On Christmas morning instead of the usual routine, of opening presents in my PJ’s I headed out with my parents to Avebury Stone Circle for a walk. It was a lovely bright day, there were surprisingly quite a few people out seeing it was so early in the morning. This has to be my favourite shot taken from on top of the bank.


Tree Shadow

Oh my! It has been over a week since my last update! promise to try and find more time next week…

The below image was taken last year, I positioned myself directly in front of the tree to get a clean shadow in the frozen lake.


View from Box Hill – Winter

Hope everyone had a good New Years Eve… The below view is from Box Hill, Wiltshire. This is the heaviest snowfall this area has had so far this winter. Not very impressive coverage compared to other parts of the country but still looks nice all the same.