A West Wales Winter Holiday 2013

I won’t lie, winter is always holiday time as accommodation is cheaper and the beaches are all but empty! 2013’s vacation was Newcastle Emlyn in West Wales. We splashed out a little and rented a lovely spacious farm cottage πŸ™‚

Penbryn BeachPenbryn was a lovely beach, wide open space and hidden caves. The only other people around were local dog walkers. I always look for beaches / areas that have interesting features and the waterfall on the beach at Tresaith was very pretty. One of the rock formations at Cilborth looked rather like a dragon in my mind, but I guess we were in Wales πŸ˜‰


The only problem with Wales is the Cilborthweather but I guess you could say that for the whole of the UK! Unfortunately, one of the days was so stormy that there was little point leaving the cottage as we would have just got soaking wet. Luckily I always go prepared and a DVD collection saved the day.

One thing to remember when visiting Wales is they do not provide you with carrier bags in shops, so keep one tucked away in your bag or it could be a difficult trip back to the car with your groceries!