Birty Dastards Off-roading 10th Anniversary Event

Birty Dastards Off-roading - 10th Anniversary Event

This years Birty Dastards main event was their 10th Anniversary celebration. The weather was surprisingly good seeing we were expecting some rain – we always expect rain!

It being an Anniversary year the event was opened up to other clubs with additional food stalls and musical entertainment provided.

There were no major incidents thankfully; the truck that was on the verge of rolling over was stabilised and brought back down onto four wheels and the people that got stuck in the ‘sheep-dip’ were all laughed at and then winched out.

Although punches are put out on the site they are only used for people to try out different areas and to give a goal to reach. Most of the time they provide entertainment for the people stood around giving friendly advice / abuse 😉

Going to the same sites every year doesn’t really allow for a large variety of images. I tried to add the perspective of the slopes to the images this year but I think next years events I will try a different photographic tactic (unless it rains!). I have found that travelling around in one truck tends to mean that I focus on that truck. Walking the site instead of being driven may mean that I get to be in areas I may not normally find myself in.