Spring 2014

Mute Swan and Cygnets, Whelford Pools Nature ReserveBack in the New Year I decided that a blog about the seasons would be a nice addition to the website. It would also be a good reason to venture out in the evenings and take notice of our ever changing surroundings.

Deciding what to photograph over Spring was the easy part, finding the locations of the wildlife itself was more difficult but also very rewarding to find them in their natural habitats.

Rabbit KitsLooking for specific habitats has led to a few discoveries that I didn’t know about. The river canal that wasn’t filled with water or boats but had lots of rabbits and their kits nearby. The walk to Uffington White Horse turned out to be an occasion to watch Red Kites souring over the hills hunting down dinner! And the Nature Reserve 10 miles down the road that has hides to watch a wide variety of birds including Herons and Cormorants.

One discovery I didn’t like however is that my poor old lens just isn’t cut out for wildlife that is more than 10 metres away. Looks like I’ll be investing in a new one!

Summer has now begun and I’m looking forward to what new things I’ll discover!