Winter holiday in Cornwall 2012

My winter holiday in Cornwall started with my best friend getting married. As a present, I offered to photograph her wedding. Weddings are not normally something I take on but  this was an extra special occasion 🙂 The day went so smoothly and everyone had the most amazing day. It was a small Wedding with such a lovely atmosphere, which made my job so much easier.  There is always more pressure when taking images for your best friend, but she loved the results 🙂

HollywellBayBeach2012-27The following week we spent in North Cornwall in a lovely cottage. The coast is one of my favourite places to be especially in the winter when it is deserted if you find the right beach.

Before this trip away I did some extensive research into smaller lesser known beaches, some I have to say were a little difficult to find even with a map and a sat nav! They were lovely to visit though, so quiet and out of the way.  The only problem with them in winter, is the public restrooms are shut!

Although it was a little chilly in the sea breeze it was sunny for most of the week.  It appears we chose the right week to go away this year!