Summer 2011 Part 2 – Lake District

Ok, so my visit to the Lake District was not technically the summer, more like November!!! But it was a holiday and the weather was better than what we experienced in August so I like to think of it as a summer holiday!!!

Knowing how long it took to travel to the Lake District in the summer we thought we had it all planned out but it always takes longer to pack the car than you expect… isn’t that always the way?!  I’m sure the bags know it’s vacation time and gang up on us! 🙂

KirkstonePassTL-307It was 11/11/11 which meant it was ‘One Day One Earth’ where people all over the world film their day to add to a collective media piece of the world in one day (you can see our finished video here). We had plans to get to Kirkstone Pass to record a timelapse of the sun setting.

So I’m not the most fittest of people! I’m fine normally but I am only little and when I put a full camera / film bag on my back it adds a lot of weight as it’s about the same size as me! After the first day I realised that maybe I wouldn’t be able to do all of the walks I had marked out with the added weight of the kit!

RydalWater2011-31I planned out a new list of places to go that would be flatter! Rydal Water was a perfect length walk with only a few inclines. It is a lovely lake and has small forested areas and a cave on the route. I ventured a little distance into the cave but I don’t trust myself with slippery rocks, cameras and water! It started to get dark on the way back to the car, but luckily I always have a torch in my bag (comes from being a concert photographer!) as the walk back through the forest was a little creepy! And a tip… if you head to the Lake District always remember to take loads of change for the car parks, it can be a little expensive!

LoughriggTarn2011-17Lougrigg Tarn was a great find, just walked out the door of the accommodation and we were en route.  There was a rather steep climb to start with but it flattened out. There were loads of sheep which made it interesting trying to climb over the stiles with the bags and four legged friends that wanted to see what you were up to! Going away from the normal more tourist attraction areas is worth it even if it means a bit of an extra drive along single track roads in the dark!