Birty Dastards Off-roading – Cheapfest 2013

Birty Dastards; Cheapfest 2013So September was time again for the annual trip to Cheapfest – I know this blogs a little late! ;).  The Friday turned out to be good weather for putting out the punches, the night however was horrendous rain, turning parts of the site to a muddy mess.

Cows were the main feature of the first day of the event, 35 of them in fact.  They had pushed through a fence and invaded the site breaking apart into small groups.  Messages came over the CB of calls for help to locate and round them up.  It was not an easy task on a 500 acre site!

Birty Dastards; Cheapfest 2013For the first time in a while there was a night drive up to the trig point and a small but impressive fireworks display.  Rich lead the convoy of cars to the point. However, he didn’t lead back since he got lost. He won’t be allowed to forget that in a while!

Although the days away are all about trucks when the men are stood around chatting about the best lines, through the trees my attentions falls to the forest itself – not to say that they are boring me…honest! ;).  There are not generally any animals on the trails however this year we had to watch out for piglets! They had dug out of there pen and no one could catch them, not exactly natural wildlife but very cute.

An eventful trip – looking forward to seeing what Cheapfest 2014 brings!