Christmas Lights

Early December I went to our local Christmas Lights switch on to take a few images of Stephanie Millward, Para-Olympian and Commonwealth Games triple medal-winner. I live in a little town and Stephanie who comes from the neighbouring area of Bath sometimes trains at our local sport centre.

For a small town we had a lot going on; reindeer, a street market, a choir and even fake snow! It made it feel quite Christmassy and got everyone in the festive spirit! Obviously the fake snow wasn’t needed in the end with all the real snow that followed!

Hope you have all had a great Christmas. Best wishes for 2011 xx

Train stations & Starbucks

My trip to London the other weekend to meet up with a friend started with some confusion. It’s never a good thing getting on the train and it starts moving in the wrong direction! The lady next to me was just as confused but between us we figured out where the train had detoured to and what route we were then taking.

On calling my friend I was given directions to the nearest Starbucks and told to wait for him there! Now I know I might sound a little odd but I’ve never actually been in a Starbucks! Yes I know – how have I managed that? – I have no idea! I found a quiet table at the back of the store with my hot chocolate and waited.

My friend and I always talk about photography; we very rarely get a chance to meet up so every time we do, we try to go out and take some images to feed each others creativity. We headed out after it turned dark. It was a great chance for me to test out the low light capability of my Nikon D3s. I didn’t take my tripod to London with me so I was working handheld, but that was no problem. The below picture is my favourite from the day…


After a long day, Ozzie was kind enough to drive me back to Paddington. The traffic was horrendous but I made it back home eventually!

Ozzie – Thanks for a lovely day x

Loyal Designs

A few weeks ago a previous colleague of mine contacted me asking if I’d be interested in doing some photos for her new website. Sarah and I both used to work for the same design company, she is now set up on her own and has just launched

We met up to take some images of a local company, Brunettes in Swindon she had produced logos and artwork for. The ladies at the salon were very accommodating, we spent about 15 mins photographing all of Sarah’s work that featured in store; everything from the appointment cards to the logo on the mirrors and the window.


We sat in a coffee shop caught up and went over the product shots she needed of her wedding invites. Sarah offers an exclusive wedding design service and needed product shots of some of her previous designs including order of service, table placement cards and of course invitations. We discussed the composition of some of the shots and where the images would be used on her site.

It’s been a while since I’ve done product shots having specialised in doing photography of music and extreme sports for so many years but it was great to do and was great to catch up with Sarah! She is an awesome designer and amazing to work with. Check out her website for more on what she does and to have a look at the images I took!