Avon Vale Hunt 2012

LacockBoxingDayHunt2012-117Every Boxing Day the Avon Vale Hunt gather in Lacock. People line the main street and wait for the hunt to move down the road. This year as they moved off, the crowed seemed to move closer in to the road and didn’t leave much room for the riders.

Heading back to the car park I noticed they had all gathered in a field nearby. They had changed the normal route they take due to the flooding this year so I was able to take images as they headed out across the fields.

Flooding in Lacock 2012

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas day 🙂

I’ve been a little quiet on here of late, November was a busy month – a late Winter holiday in Cornwall and my best friend’s wedding 🙂

RiverAvonLacockFloods2012-16As it’s the Christmas holidays and I have time off from the day job, I get more of a chance to get out and take images to add to Alamy Live News.  As we have had so much rain of late I headed over to Lacock to see how high the river was.  As you can see from the images it wasn’t far off from completely flooding the bridge.  Let’s hope some of the water subsides soon!

Alamy Live News

Earlier this year I had an email through from Alamy saying I had now been enabled to add image to their News feed.  I add landscape images and other stock images to their library on a regular basis but this opened a new door for me.

I have so far submitted a couple of local events to their feed.  The first being a St Georges Day celebration in Swindon…

…and the second being a local Yarnbombing Day! Yes I was unsure of what that meant exactly too but it is a type of graffiti or street art made of knitted or crocheted yarn!

Christmas Lights

Early December I went to our local Christmas Lights switch on to take a few images of Stephanie Millward, Para-Olympian and Commonwealth Games triple medal-winner. I live in a little town and Stephanie who comes from the neighbouring area of Bath sometimes trains at our local sport centre.

For a small town we had a lot going on; reindeer, a street market, a choir and even fake snow! It made it feel quite Christmassy and got everyone in the festive spirit! Obviously the fake snow wasn’t needed in the end with all the real snow that followed!

Hope you have all had a great Christmas. Best wishes for 2011 xx