Autumn 2014

Robin at Waters' Edge Country Park, LincolnshireSo Autumn is now over and we have moved into Winter. Its been so mild this year that it’s really only just started to feel like Winter!

Taking images for Autumn has had its challenges. The main one being dark evenings! Not being able to go out after work and take photographs has really reduced the time I have for shooting. The added bonus was, I had a week away in Lincolnshire that enabled me to take a few images that I wouldn’t have normally taken. This has led me to the decision that I need to take some annual leave in each season this year!

Again I had my list of β€˜finds’ and I didn’t do too badly this time, but that might be because I based some of them around the area I was visiting!

The key Autumn image for me was the Grey Seal pups. I have never seen them in the wild until last years visit to Donna Nook – I will put another post on it with more detail/photos soon. I had also never seen a Fly Agaric either until this year, so I did make some great discoveries!

What I missed photographing was the changing colour of the leaves…I know, the most basic Autumn image! I just seemed to miss the best times to go out and shoot, so it will be at the top of the list for this year!

2015 – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I know most people post New Year messages on the last day of the year but I thought I’d be a little different!

I have decided to change things a little bit this year so wanted to let you know of my intentions. Last year, I set myself a schedule for adding posts – yes, it increased my content on the previous year but it also added pressure to get posts online! When my day job took over and I didn’t post on time, I felt I’d let myself and you down. So this year, I don’t have a schedule! I have a rough plan and when blogs are completed they will go online. This may mean two posts in one month and then nothing the next. However, I am hoping that the freeness will actually help me post more!

I am looking to continue with my seasonal posts (Autumn being added soon) but am not so sure about the iPhone posts…I’m thinking I might add individual images to OKDOTHIS / Twitter and maybe do a 6 monthly round up post instead!

If there is anything you would like me to post or would like to see more of, let me know in the comments below πŸ™‚