Longleat Safari Park, April 2013

On April 6th mLongleatApril2013-006y best friend and her family came to stay.  It was only a couple of weeks to her son’s 4th birthday so as part of his present we all went to Longleat Safari Park.  It was a gloriously sunny day so we made the most of it and got there when the park gates opened and left when they shut! I vaguely remember going there as a child – the monkeys stole the windscreen washers from the car but that’s all I remember!

We decided to take the LongleatApril2013-036bus trip round the safari so our car would stay in one piece (but you can bypass the monkeys now, if you happen to go).  The bus was a good decision as you get to learn a lot more about the animals you are looking at, their names, how long they have been there etc.  You can get out at the African Village and feed the giraffes, its nice to be able to get up close but they eat the lettuce leaf very quickly so you don’t get to see them for long.  Feeding the deer was much more my thing, they were happy to hang around for as long as they knew you had food in the pot!  Great day and the adults enjoyed it as much as the birthday boy!