Winter 2014/2015

Great titWinter has come and gone very quickly this year and I fear Spring will do the same. As I write this, Spring is well underway and I am just trying to catch up with my Winter photos.  A lot has happened in the last few months which has meant my blog posting has been less frequent than I would like!

Winter is generally not one of my favourite times of year, just because of the cold. I have this year been more prepared for the weather and as they say, there is not bad weather just the wrong clothing, and this year I think I have got the clothing right.

I didn’t venture out as much as I should have and maybe that’s because it flew past us. I did, however, see a Blackcap which I was not expecting, especially seeing it was on the bird table in the back garden!

A few frosty mornings when I didn’t have to dash out to work allowed me to take a few images of the landscape at dawn with the cold winter chill visible in the air.  I hope to catch more of Winter next time round as it is a lovely, still time of year.

In what’s left of Spring I’m looking forward to what I find, especially as in a field nearby I have already seen a barn owl and signs of badgers 🙂 Now all I have to do is photograph them…