30 Days Wild 2016 – Part 1

The Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild PackSo June is nearly upon us and that means it’s The Wildlife Trusts ’30 Days Wild’.  As last year, I will be taking part in this year’s event.  A lot of amazing people blog every day about their Wild experiences, I’m going to Tweet (I know I won’t have enough time every day to blog so will do a full post at the end of the month).

If you would like to know more about The Wildlife’s Trust and ’30 Days Wild’ check out their website, each County has their own dedicated page.  The 30 Days Wild app has also just launched.  It features over 100 ‘Random Acts of Wildness’ as inspiration of how to connect to nature this June.

I’m looking forward to following along on Twitter (#30DaysWild) to see what everyone does.  If you would like to follow my wild adventures you can find me at @_HannahBaker 🙂

Bluebells 2016

Bluebells at Badbury Clump, Oxfordshire

This year I was determined to get out and see Bluebells. I always manage to miss them but this time, I finally got it right! I headed to Badbury Hill in Oxfordshire (locally known as Badbury Clump) owned by the National Trust.

I first went at the end of April. I was a little too early as they were only just starting to flower so not the carpet of blooms that I was hoping for – at least I hadn’t missed them!

Last week I headed to the site again to witness the floor covered in flowers.  I timed it just right as it did look as though some of the flowers were just starting to go over.

There were plenty of people out enjoying the sunshine, though unfortunately some were walking through trampling and picking the flowers.  I know not everyone likes flowers or sees their importance but do they really have to damage them?!

I’m also not sure why some dog walkers insist on leaving bags of poo lying around when there are bins provided!  If they can put it in a bag, surely carrying it to the bin should not be a problem?!

Dog poo left at Badbury Clump, Oxfordshire

Dog poo left at Badbury Clump, Oxfordshire






The car parking at Badbury Hill is free, but it does get very busy.  If you’re lucky, there might also be an ice cream van in the car park 😉

Longleat Safari Park – April 2016

Every April, I head out to Longleat Safari Park with my friend and her family for their little boy’s birthday. This year he was 7 and he was still as excited to see the animals as he was the first time we went!  He has always liked animals from when he was very young and he always leaves the park with a new cuddly toy of his favourite animals of the day – this year it was the red panda and cheetah.

We were so lucky with the weather – the week before Storm Katie had gone through and it looked as though the weekend we were due to meet would be wet too, but thankfully it turned for the better and we had a glorious Spring day.

I know a lot of people don’t like zoos / safari parks because animals are caged etc. – in some situations I agree but in others I don’t.  They are a great way for children and also adults to see and more importantly, learn about the animals on our planet and hopefully lead them to want to help and support our wild animals.