Photojojo! Lenses

PhotojojoLenses1I had been on for ages about lenses for my iPhone, but one of the problems was my hardwearing case.  I drop my phone loads so it lives in an Otterbox Defender that I love because my phone never gets damaged even when I drop it outside!

When I got the new case for the 5s it looked as though the lenses would fit with the case on, I even measured it to make sure.  So I ordered my lenses from Photojojo! and waited for them to arrive from the States.  It seemed my measurements hadn’t properly taken into account all the lenses different shapes, however that was easily solved! I took a file to the phone case and then removed the little bit that was in the way! Perfect!

The lenses (fisheye, telephoto, wide & macro) now live in my bag or coat pocket! At present the macro is my favourite.