New Logo

I decided it was time to get myself a proper logo. Sarah at Loyal Designs said she would come up with a few font ideas and we would develop it once we had a feel for what I liked. There were two that stood out for me but one in particular that I was drawn to every time. There were a couple of little tweaks that needed to be done to make it ‘feel’ just right for me but Sarah was great, making the smallest of adjustments. I hope you guys like it as much as I do 🙂


iPhone Images – March 2011

Since getting the iPhone I have been taking more images of everyday things. I haven’t set myself a 365 because everyday life gets in the way, so I’m starting off with a few images. At the end of every month I will feature the images on my site.

At present I am using to post the images to Twitter. You can find out more about The Best Camera on their site and visit my page here