Birty Dastards Off-roading – West Harptree 2013

I was putting my foot down this time…‘The tent’s just not big enough, we need more space!’ As I’ve mentioned before, camping is not high on my list of favourite things and I have decided space is one of the problems.  So we headed off to Go Outdoors to get a new tent. It’s so much better – about a third bigger than the last one, you can stand up in it and it has carpet to put down! The result? A much happier me! All it needs now is central heating 😉

Birty Dastards - West HarptreeFor the off-roading trip this time around, we were off to West Harptree, a new site we had never been to.  From the top of the site it looked quite flat but once down over the dip, there were loads of places for the trucks to play.  I normally walk around a lot of the site but this one was a little too steep and rocky, so I had to get a lot of lifts. It was nice to go to a new area with new challenges and the guys think there is a lot more to explore next time.Birty Dastards - West Harptree

We did unfortunately have a few breakdowns and one tip over, something I have never seen before but it was very slow so no injuries, just a lot of muddy water in what was a fairly clean truck!

It was a great weekend and nice to get out into the countryside. The tent was that nice that I might even venture off for the odd weekend camping! 😉