30 Days Wild 2019 – Day 30

Today is the last day of 30 Days Wild.  I have enjoyed sharing my nature finds with you but at the same time this year I have found it hard to keep up to date with writing my blogs; hence some being added a little late! (sorry!)  The benefit of writing a blog about each day of 30 Days Wild is I also learn from researching information to share with you.  Some of the blogs aren’t as in depth as I would have liked but time hasn’t always permitted me to write as much as I would have liked but never the less many nuggets of information have been gleaned each day 🙂

Today I went into the garden to see if the common frog was at the pond.  He wasn’t there but what I did notice while I was perched on one of the garden stepping stones was some eggs and some of what I knew were shieldbug nymphs.  

I looked around the plant a little more and found another set of eggs and even more shieldbug nymphs.   

Once back inside and looking closely at the photographs I identified them as hairy shieldbug early instar nymphs.  I can see why they are called hairy; in the photograph below where the light is catching it just right, one of the lightest coloured nymps looks particularly hairy!

Hairy shieldbugs over winter as adults and emerge in spring and the new generation of shieldbugs are complete from August onwards.  If you want to find some of these interesting characters they can be mainly found on plants in the roasaceae family.