30 Days Wild 2018 – Day 27

Well today was just a write off really!  My car decided that it no longer wanted to start, the ignition just didn’t want to turn.  I did what it said online to try and release it but no to avail.  I had to call the RAC.  They were very helpful and the man turned up within the target time they gave me.  He managed to get the key to turn, he did the same as what I did but with more force – I was scared of breaking it further – but he had obviously encountered this problem on many occasions before and knew what he was doing  The car is now in the garage waiting for replacement part!  Nothing like starting the day with a bill of a few hundred pounds!

As my day was rather eventful! I didn’t get to do what I had planned for today which was check on the local badgers 🙁  I did however sit and watch the sunset tonight for a little while after watering the garden.  I could hear a hedgehog rustling in the vegetation ☺