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Summer 2014


For each of my seasonal blog posts I have a list of ‘images I’d like to take’.  Some of them get a tick next to them and some I just don’t find! See what I found this time...


iPhone Images - August 2014


I always struggle with what to write for my iPhone images blog posts, today I am really struggling so I’m going to make it simple… check out the images here ;)



Squirrel hunting with my camera


Last month I had a traffic accident.  As I came up over the brow of the hill, I saw a squirrel in the middle of the road. I braked and swerved the opposite way to him but he ran at me and under the side of my car. Read more... 

iPhone Images - July 2014


July has been a busy month for me, lots of little tasks that are leading up to a bigger project next month. I am please though that I managed to take more iPhone images than I normally do, maybe because I have had my DSLR with me less! See images...





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